Evidence of Senses 1

Evidence of the Senses

My current project is a return to an engagement with specific situations, sites, and events (phenomenological) including the event/process of the works production. The working title ”Evidence of the Sense” indicates the tenor of this encounter, which touches on political, religious and aesthetic experience.

The method loosely adopted as a starting point, is a stream of consciousness approach, which provides a conduit for personal and social imaginaries, impressions and states of mind, engaging both the unconscious and empirical experience.

Questioning, experimentation, doubt, and instability characterize this mutable approach. Process and chance, form and structure, inform this working method along with an attention to material properties and the emergence of meaning and sensation.

The paintings, drawings and objects that result from this preoccupation with site/situation/event are not theoretical constructs but sites/sights of encounter, the place where the real and the virtual coalesce. The work that the work potentially performs arises from this convergence between reality and desire allowing for new possibilities to emerge.

The current project engages with the Israeli Palestine conflict and the strip of land named the Philadelphia Corridor and the Gaza Tunnels.

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